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eIDAS regulation, framing the rules for electronic ID and Trust Services in Europe after July 1st 2016.

Associated secondary legislation:

  • Specifications relating to formats of advanced electronic signatures and advanced seals to be recognized by public sector bodies
  • Technical specifications and formats relating to trusted lists
  • Norms related to Qualified Secure Signature Creation Devices
  • Minimum technical specifications and procedures depending on levels of assurance of electronic identification means
  • Interoperability framework on electronic identification and trust services

French eIDAS regulation applications procedures that are released by ANSSI as the Supervisory Body in France.

Applicable technical standards framework within the eIDAS regulation.

Norms that make eIDAS regulation implementation easier:

For France, RGS (Référentiel Général de Sécurité) that remains applicable for outside eIDAS perimeter use cases, depending on the French law (“Ordonnance du 8 décembre 2005”) organizing exchanges between public sector bodies for example.