« ClubPSCo » is the French for « TSPClub ». ClubPSCo groups key French Trust Service Providers (TSP) operating in the fields defined in eIDAS regulation (electronic certificates, electronic signature, electronic timestamping, electronic delivery). ClubPSCo members wish to converge by sharing their experience of real solutions implementations. Their trust services are “certified” or “qualified” and they aim at making the rules converge to a stage assuring a strong security level without forgetting the potential implementation difficulties. Members’ presentation gives a current, precise view of ClubPSCo structure.


ClubPSCo’s goal is to make security tools and services more reliable and users friendly to facilitate implementation.

It works on electronic signature, electronic certificates, timestamping, e-delivery, and the required policies to implement them (certification, timestamping, archiving, and signature policies). It follows and anticipates directives, regulations, laws and implementation acts related to electronic secured transactions.

Its deliverables are targeted to users and operators of those trust services and to national and international law makers.


Members define their topics of interest and meet in working sessions. They elaborate deliverables among which some are public and released in this website.

ClubPSCo website also presents the most useful definitions and links. They may help people in charge of projects who need to deploy trust services to authenticate, sign or simply send electronic documents in compliance with some rules or laws. These elements are simplified but precise. They will ease their work when they need to use, create and implement these services, especially for less familiar users.